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Orion is a fast, friendly design for any project.

Design tools
Experience the joy of creating a website on the powerful Gantry 5 Framework.
Layout Manager
Drag and drop elements into your layouts with ease. Create gorgeous layouts in seconds.
Menu Editor
Extend your navigation menus to include custom content, ordering, icons, and more.
Give your site’s pages a look of their own using Gantry 5’s Outlines tool.
Preset Layouts
Don’t have time to create your own custom layout? Orion includes a bundle of preset layouts to choose from.
Style Presets
Choose from several gorgeous color schemes made for Orion, or craft your own!
Feature Your Product

Showcase Particle

The Showcase particle creates an intuitive and modern tool for highlighting the most important features of your product. Add an image, title, and description to each item that draws the attention of your visitors and provides important details about your featured products or services.

Showcase Particle
Showcase Your Partners

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Want to spread the word about partner companies you work with, publications that gave your products or services a positive review, or highlight the technologies you use to bring your product to life? The Logos particle is what you need!

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Present Incredible Stats

Grid Statistic Particle

When making the decision to buy a product or subscribe to a service, visitors are often looking for hard numbers they can use to gauge whether the purchase is worth it to them. The Grid Statistic particle gives you the ability to showcase your best stats with animated numbers that draw the attention of your customers.

Grid Statistic Particle
Icon Promo Particle

“Share quotes that define your brand.”

“Orion makes it easier than ever to create a great product website.”
“I never thought it’s possible, but Orion is actually better than cookies and milk, combined.”
“Orion is a brilliant design, and the Gantry 5 framework makes it even better!”
"The Gantry 5 Framework makes setting up and using Orion practically effortless."
“Orion's particles are the perfect match for my website's vision.”
"The Menu Editor makes it easy to create a better navigation experience."

Pricing Table Particle

Contemporary Pricing Displays
Build out a complete pricing page in no time!
Comparison Table Particle

“What is the difference?”

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Orion features many particles that make creating a beautiful website easier than ever. Orion’s design is flexible enough to fit virtually any brand’s needs. Your new website will soar with Orion.

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“Orion takes full advantage of the many tools made possible by the Gantry 5 framework. The Layout Manager makes it possible to perfect your site's layout.”
John Doe

John Doe UI/UX Expert

“Increased conversions are easy with Orion. It was built from the ground up to draw the visitor's attention to your product's main selling points.”
Jared Doe

Jared Doe Business Expert

"Having the right tool for the job is essential. Orion comes with every tool a web designer could possibly need to create the perfect user experience."
Jack Doe

Jack Doe UI/UX Expert

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